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Tips for Productivity

April 20, 2020

By: Tiffanie Pierson


Another week of working from home? Make this week your best one yet.

As we continue to social distancing, check out these three SaaS applications that you can utilize to assist you across different works functions.  Get comfortable, organized, clear your space of distractions, and check out these free version SaaS applications. 

1. DesigningCanva

Canva is a design and publishing tool that anybody can sign up for free. You can create and design websites, social media posts, presentations, and infographics, amongst other things.  You will find stock photos, templates, and graphics for you to design your project. For a novice in graphic design, this is a nifty tool.


2. Project ManagementAsana

A project management tool with app integrations that allow for cross-functional work teams. It’s customizable and very intuitive. The free plan permits the addition of 15 users and records all the tasks and activities for the project. You can effortlessly outline the workflow to circumvent errors and manage your organizational setup.


3. Team CollaborationSlack

Slack the collaboration software that moves work forward.  You can message, share files, have video calls, and just about anything you can do with emails between colleagues. The free version has limited features, which are likely sufficient unless you are running a large company you may want to purchase one of the subscription options.  Having unlimited private and public channels, searchable messages, personalized notifications, and centralized storage simplifies several challenges of team discussions. 

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